A contact center — also referred to as a customer interaction center or e-contact center — is a central point from which all customer contacts are managed.

The contact center typically includes one or more Contact Centers, but may include other types of customer contact, as well. A contact center is generally part of an enterprise’s overall customer relationship management (CRM) strategy.

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Automatic Call Distribution (ACD). A form of ACD is now a must for a typical Contact Center. Having a system in place that automatically routes callers to relevant individuals cuts down on wasted time and resources. ACD systems distribute calls according to user-specified criteria, such as sending the call to a phone that is idle, or sending calls about billing to the accounting department, etc. Nearly all Contact Center systems have some form of ACD. They vary from simple push-button virtual operators to those that use caller ID or voice recognition.

Contact Center Monitoring and Analytics. This is an essential feature for most Contact Centers. Being able to scrutinize call durations, costs, and other useful metrics can help supervisors and managers make informed decisions on issues such as employee performance and staffing and training needs. Some of the best systems allow real-time statistics, letting you know what’s going on in the Contact Center second by second. Historical reporting allows you to compile hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and annual statistics for detailed long-term analysis.

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Call Recording.

Useful for training and monitoring, call recording allows supervisors and operators to record and store phone calls as audio files on the server.

Call Transfer and 3-Way Calling. Being able to transfer a caller to another department, or permit access to a third party, is essential for virtually all Contact Centers. Few systems are sold without this feature, but it’s worth checking just in case.

Contact Management.

These systems enable different calls to be tagged and stored with relevant information attached to the call file. This permits better management of customers, as it provides historical records of all calls by an individual account holder. Computer Telephony Integration (CTI). CTI systems use desktop PCs as telephone systems. These software packages enable a desktop computer to serve and display all call-related functions-from providing caller information, routing calls to other workstations, and controlling the phone system. Most Contact Center systems utilize some form of CTI. Usually a simple USB headset is all that’s required to turn a standard PC that’s running CTI into a complete Contact Center workstation.

Workstation Recording. Understanding the needs of your operators is another way of streamlining a Contact Center and making it run more efficiently. Workstation data recording enables you to make a movie of what’s happening on an operator’s screen. The recording can be analyzed to learn how operators are using the system, what tricks they know that could help others, and what problems they’re having that could be addressed.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR).

IVR uses voice-recognition software to allow callers to route themselves to specific departments. IVRs vary in sophistication-from the very basic, which enable simple routing functionality, to systems that allow customers to access their accounts. At the high end, IVR empowers customers to serve themselves, reducing the workload on human operators

Live Call Coaching.

Purchase Ambien Cr Online This allows a third person to interact with an operator without the caller hearing, thereby enabling training and mentoring.

Performance Evaluation. By monitoring an operator’s performance, you can identify gaps in training and areas where operators need improvement. This type of evaluation can create reports, graphs, and other data while scoring an operator’s performance

Predictive Dialer.

For Contact Centers that make a lot of outbound calls, a predictive dialer enables a list of phone numbers to be called simultaneously. Operators are connected only when someone picks up. These systems can save a lot of time and prevent operators from having to wait for a call to be answered. Predictive dialers also monitor the availability of operators to ensure that calls aren’t made when there are no operators available to route the call if someone answers.

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Speech Analytics.

This is a sophisticated system that can analyze customers’ voices and interactions to identify whether they meet certain specific business criteria, such as being genuinely interested in an offer or merely being polite with no intention of buying. These systems are less than reliable, but some Contact Centers that have used them have had success identifying the most promising leads.

Key Features

This is a given for a system hosted by a third party, but for self-managed systems, technical support can be anywhere from nonexistent to extremely generous. Ask about 24-hour phone support, 24-hour Web chat support, and virtual management, where technicians fix problems remotely.

  • Multiple Campaign Management System
  • iCallMate Dialer can be configured to operate in Predictive, Progressive or Preview Modes
  • Intelligent Call Back Management System
  • Administration Application provides you to define, customize and configure settings and resources of the Call Centre
  • Centralized Lead Uploader and Monitoring
  • Customizable Agent CRM with Windows and Web Based
  • Smart DNCL Management (Disposition Wise/Internal DNCL Server/Extranet DNCL Server/3rd Party DNCL Database )
  • Smart Dialing Rules (Time/Number/Max Attempts/Day Wise Attempts)
  • Multi-Level Disposition Management System
  • Multi-Level API Integration (Click2Call/Make Call/Drop Call/Send DTMF/)
  • Available with Server based & PBX based solution
  • Centralized Quality Control Module
  • Web Based Real-Time Monitoring and Reporting tool for Supervisors (Campaign/ Lead Summary/Agent Details)
  • Integrated Voice Logger Module
  • 3rd Party Integration through API
  • Skill-Set Call Routing-Channel Based , CLI , DIDs Agent Wise, CLI Wise ACD Group based Call landing in Campaigns (ACD)
  • Advanced Skill-Set Based Routing (Phone Number/Language/Q-Time and etc.) ACD with Dynamic Queuing
  • IVR with Intelligent Routing (Channel Based, CLI , DIDs, Agent Wise, CLI Wise, Language ACD Group)
  • Smart Queue Management
  • Auto-attendant with Music on Hold
  • Dynamic CLI options
  • Live Call Bargein/Call Conferencing/Call Coaching
  • Call Transfer Internal & External With Call Consultation/ Conference
  • Missed Call Alert For Agent (Agent Dashboard/SMS/E-Mail)
  • Caller Authentication
  • Complete VMware Supported Hardware and Software
  • All window & Linux version Supported
  • Option for Redundancy of CTI hardware Hardware
  • Queue number announcement & option to choose callback during queue
  • Multi-level IVR
  • Auto callback to the missed calls
  • Blacklist option
  • Holiday List ,Non-Working Hours, Voicemail options
iCallMate aCc
Some more characteristics and Features All-in-one customer service solution that delivers consistent service to customers across multiple media channels and locations.

Powerful, comprehensive Contact Center solution to enable superior service, optimum agent productivity, and consistency with high performance to drive revenues for business and superior value for customers

Buy Ambien Online With Prescription Microsoft Windows-based solution with common administration tools for all components. Fast implementation with minimum disruption to the business. Flexible, common administration and management Inbound and outbound voice calls with telephony and dialer capabilities.Improve customer interaction with voice (inbound and outbound), email, web chat, SMS and Fax support Start with voice, and add multimedia channels without hardware

Faster call resolution – skills based routing routes callers to the most able agent Address book access so agents can quickly find the contact information they need to make calls and send emails Real time and historical reporting for all media channels. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Task Flow Editor scripts.Improved training and conflict resolution: Call recording provided for every agent User profile and agent group privilege configuration to determine which features are available to users of the interface.

Agents: Make and receive telephone calls. If configured, agents can also communicate using email and instant messaging chats Supervisors: Monitor the activities agents perform on the IP Office Contact Center interface. Supervisors can also create, view, and edit reports, real-time information in the interface, and call statistics Administrators: Perform system administration, such as configuring email and chat services Administrators can also create and edit topics, objects, call flows, and scripts. Very attractive price point to deliver best value solution in the industry
Simple & Easy installation: up and running in as little as a few hours.