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Audio conferencing is the practice of connecting multiple called parties on a single audio conference call, with multiple lines connected through a conferencing bridge. Audio conferencing participants can either be dialed directly by the meeting host or dial in manually to the Conferencing Bridge to join the call.

Audio conference hosts are typically given a dial-in number and passcode to distribute to meeting attendees who use to join the conference call. Hosts can also control features like volume, muting, locking/unlocking the call, removing guests.

  • Monitoring live conference:-Monitoring live conference from panel with mute- unmute , Call dial out and call disconnect, presentation mode, lock conference, recording start and end, hold conference and end conference from panel as well as some features with host and participants DTMF input.
  • Create both type call:-Can create both type of call like Outbound and incoming call.
  • Schedule conference:-you can schedule a conference call through a comfortable interface from number to call, exact time to join the call, send reminders via email and SMS.
  • Time for reminder:-Plan to send a reminder email to your team either the day before, or the day of your conference. 
  • Recording:-Record conference calls for later playback. Dial a number, enter the reference number and listen to them anytime.
  • Mute All Callers On & Off:-Mute all callers except the host and guest speakers to help eliminate background noise.
  • Conference Call Dial-Out:-Dial-out to a participant from the conference call and bring them into it.
  • SMS and Email notification:-User can define SMS and Email notification by yourself. This makes it easy to customize your email and sms notifications and change them at any time.
  • Lock conference:-You will need to dial-in to your conference with your Organizer phone number to be able to lock your conference with the phone command.
  • Android APP with Features:-This is a great way to use all of the features in Android app.
  • Hold conference:-In a conference call, a person will start holding the main call and keep adding other participants to it in order to discuss particular agenda.
  • Voice recording:-Voice recording will record all of that extension’s incoming and outgoing conference calls. Recording can be downloaded or played back any time.
  • Define SMS and Email notification:-Matches new & improved iBridge App for smart phones & devices
  • Define SMS and Email notification:-User can create SMS and Email by yourself to schedule the time for meeting.
  • Host and member commands:-user can mute, unmute or hold the conference call. Help section is available on panel with member commands.
  • Reminder notification:-All confirmations, reminders, and notifications for rescheduling can be sent to users via email, SMS, or a combination of both. Users are always aware of updates and never miss a meeting.
  • Unique conferencing request:-Send conferencing requests on the fly, with no pre-scheduling requirement for any meeting
  • Cost effective:-Collaborate more often and efficiently while eliminating travel costs.
  • More than minutes of meeting:-Get reports and recordings that help file meeting notes instantly
  • Comprehensive admin control:-Moderate meetings more efficiently with comprehensive admin controls
  • iCallMate


    Conference calls are speedy

    Imagine that you are in one location, and your colleague or boss is in another. Something comes up, and you need to have a quick chat to plan your solution. Scheduling an in-person meeting could mean that it is days before you actually get to talk. Scheduling a conference call means that you can jump on the phone within minutes and have the situation sorted pronto.

    Conference calls reduce travel costs

    Usually, conference calls don’t cost you or your company anything. Travel on the other hand can be expensive. Even if we’re taking a 30 minute car journey rather than a flight, travel costs really add up for your business. For you, you might be given expense costs, but there is still the wear and tear on your car if you are zipping from office to office on a regular basis.

    You’ll be less stressed

    Travel is stressful. Getting stuck in traffic is stressful. Having to wait to discuss that important issue is stressful. Being able to pick up the phone and talk to your team instantly removes a whole heap of stress from your day.

    The environment will thank you

    Travel has a bigger carbon footprint than a phone call does. Mother Earth will appreciate you doing your part.


    Conference calls are inherently mobile because anyone can join from their smartphone, either through a dedicated mobile app or by simply dialing the conference line directly.

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